Brisbane Wedding Hair Service

Hello my name is Kate – a mobile wedding hair specialist operating across
Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

My entire purpose is to make you look spectacular on your wedding day :)

I have styled the hair of hundreds of happy brides – beautiful wedding hairstyles
of every type. Long & short, upstyles or downstyles.

Modern, Classic or Vintage Looks … it’s YOUR choice.

You will get the exact wedding look you want – in the comfort of your home,
hotel or venue of choice. Full of confidence and lasting beauty, and I’m here to help.

If you have the time, please read a few of my bridal testimonials. They were all in
your position once, and their words might help with your decision :)

Please contact me to check availability and pricing, or if you have any questions.


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Your Perfect Wedding …

Every bride is unique – but it’s safe to say you want to look your
absolute best in front of your husband to be, your friends and family.

To look different, feel special – to glow :)

It would be my privilege to help you achieve that look, so it sets the tone for
the rest of your day. To feel confident, relaxed and at ease with how you look.

Mobile Wedding Hair Service in Brisbane, QLD.

Years of Experience

I have been blessed to have a wonderful and very successful career in wedding hairdressing.

My work has been featured in dozens of magazines – photo shoots and on national TV.

I have styled the hair of 500+ brides, and I know exactly how to behave and perform on the morning of your wedding.

Latest Modern Styles

Glossy magazines – celebrity looks and the latest trends :)

I stay up to date with the very latest trends from London’s ‘Fashion week’ – and regularly update my training skills with some of London’s top tutors.

You will have total confidence in my styling skills after your pre-wedding ‘trial’. Your hair will be beautiful and unique.

Punctual & Flexible

You can count on me …

I’m always punctual, arriving exactly when you need me. I work quickly without rushing and offer a subtle but calming influence on everyone :)

I can work with up to 9 people and you will receive top-tier service from a professional wedding hairdresser.

And so convenient!

My mobile wedding service is very affordable and compares well to regular salon prices.

Let me to come to you, so you have more time to prepare in familiar surroundings …

I’ve travelled to big city hotels, humble houses, remote islands, medieval castles & much more!

How does your service work?

Most brides discover my mobile wedding hair service through Internet advertising,
professional recommendations by partners, or referrals from past brides & friends.

This website aims to answer as many questions as possible – but I encourage you
to contact me for further information, pricing and to check availability.

We then decide upon a time & place for your pre-wedding trial.
I can come to you, or you can visit me – whatever is easiest :)

Your pre-wedding “trial” is a great opportunity for us to meet,
and we can discuss wedding details over a friendly cup of tea.

This is YOUR special day, and I will listen to you

Once I understood the “look” you want, then I will style your hair and I usually create a few variations. It’s nice to have a choice, and I’m sure you will absolutely LOVE your wedding hairstyle. You are going to look and feel spectacular!

When you’re happy with your hair, then I will take digital photographs and notes – so I can faithfully recreate that exact look on the morning of your wedding. You will receive the perfect wedding hairstyle – (the one you have always dreamed about)

We keep in touch as your wedding date approaches, and I always call to confirm.

On the wedding day itself, I always arrive early. However, I wait until the exact time we have agreed upon, to knock on your door. That makes things easy, and you can count
on me to be there – on time … exactly as planned.

Brides are usually calm on the morning of the wedding, but things can get pretty hectic ;)



Contact Details

Please call or email for
pricing & availability:


I manage time perfectly, and I have plenty of experience working around photographers, makeup artists and nervous mothers. You can relax, because everyone will end up with beautiful hair and YOU will look the most spectacular of all :)

I know this is just one part of the entire “wedding experience” – and you have so much to think about. I hope with my service, that you can relax about your hairstyle and your look. You are going to look fantastic and I just know you’re going to have a wonderful day.

I really look forward to hearing from you:)

Yours Sincerely,

P.S. – Check out a few testimonials from past brides!

Popular Questions From Brides

Are You Available?

I hope so!  Please contact me to check for availability. Weekends are the most popular dates, and I’m often booked months in advance. I do operate seven days per week, so I really hope we can work together :)

When Should I Book My Wedding/Trial?

It’s usually best to book your trial at least three months in advance, but feel free to call me at any stage to check for availability.

How Do The Pre-Wedding Hair Trials Work?

I want you to feel completely confident in my service, so I recommend a pre-wedding trial.

I travel to you (or you can come to me) – to discuss and create the sort of hairstyle you want, on your wedding day.

Bring magazines, photos and your own ideas – or allow me to suggest and show you some styles to suit your face.

This is a relaxed informal meeting, and I will create a variety of hairstyles for you to consider. I usually suggest washing your hair the night before, and applying wedding style makeup for a more complete “look”. Bring any hair accessories you may have, clips, and your veil so I can incorporate them into your wedding trial hairstyle.

We can discuss the specifics of your wedding – numbers, location, hairstyles etc. You will leave with a fantastic hairstyle, confident in my service and on top of the world. (Most of my brides go partying afterwards to take advantage of their fabulous trial hairstyles!)

What Types of Hairstyles Can You Create?

A huge range of styles, and I can suggest a beautiful hair arrangement that suits your face.

I can create classic, vintage, or modern styles. Upstyles, downstyles – for long and short hair :)

Brides often ask me to replicate a specific hairstyle they have seen in a magazine.

I know how to create all the latest styles, and I have trained with Europe’s best stylists. I will create the exact look you’re hoping for and I know you will be pleased. If you have any doubts, please read my testimonials and check out my video/gallery.

How Much Do You Charge?

That depends on how far I’m travelling, how many people are involved and how long it will take …

I don’t list prices on this website – because I don’t want to be compared to my competition, based purely on price. I have spent years training and have great skills, and I would much prefer to discuss prices over the phone, or via email, once I understand your actual needs.

My prices are comparable to a top-tier salon, however I travel to you to make things more convenient. I spend more time with you, and you will get a better wedding hairstyle in total comfort. Exactly what you want, at the venue of your choice – surrounded by your family and friends. My mobile wedding hair service saves you time, and I guarantee you will love your wedding look :)

Do You Offer Discounts For Large Groups?

Yes – I can work with up to nine people on the morning of your wedding. I work quickly (without rushing) and without pressure. I have a lot of experience working with large bridal parties, of all ages and hair types. Please contact me for details, and I will quote you a great price :)

Have You Done This Type of Work Before?

Yes. This is my passion and I love my job. I have worked with over 500 brides, plus hundreds more bridesmaids, Mothers of the brides, flower girls, sisters and friends :)

Are You Up To Date With Modern Styles?

Yes – all the new styles AND the old! You will get the exact wedding hairstyle you want, and I’m ready to help. My work has been featured in magazines, newspapers, on television, websites and thousands of photographs :)

But I have a million questions!

Please contact me. Seriously. I love to chat, and I’m warm and approachable.

Weddings are very emotional and I understand your concerns.

It’s going to be a great day for you and I’m ready to help :)

Please contact me and ask as many questions as you like!


Contact Details

Please call or email for pricing & availability: